Simplified Voyage Data Recorder (S-VDR), as defined by the requirements of IMO Performance Standard MSC.163(78), is a lower cost simplified version VDR for small ships with only basic ship’s data recorded.

The differences between S-VDR and VDR based on the required data recorded are illustrated on the following table (X indicates mandatory data):

Date and Time X X
Ship’s Position X X
Speed X X
Heading X X
Bridge Audio X X
Communications Audio X X
Radar Data X X
AIS – (Radar alternative) When no radar signal is available
Acceleration and Hull Stresses (if fitted) X Only when they are available on the bridge via an IEC 61162 interface
Echo Sounder X
Engine Order and Response X
Hull Openings (Doors) Status X
Main Alarms (IMO Mandatory Bridge Alarms) X
Rudder Order and Response X
Watertight and Fire Doors Status X
Wind Speed and Direction X